New iPad Air 4 (2020) Presence by Apple Inc.

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E-Commerce Presence Look Around

New iPad Air 4 (2020) Presence by Apple Inc

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The iPad Air 4 (2020) got shown off at Apple’s September event held on September 16. There is a specific designed website (mobile version included) for this product. I’d like to do an analysis towards this very impressive E-Commerce presence.

Apple iPad Air product line is mainly targeted to educators/students, staffs and kids/teenagers. So, the most premium features this new product wants to convey to customers is its fancy appearance and powerful A14 Bionic for creation, study and entertainment. Rather than directly shows all parameter, the company presents a series of beautiful pictures (with impressive animations) to catch audiences’ attention at first glance.


Then potential audiences may want to get more detailed information about the appearance or performance they are interested in and scroll down to see more.


The most important part of this presence is the description of features. Considered major audiences are educators/students, relatively young staffs in a company and kids/teenagers in the family, every introduction part starts with an attractive header with the keywords like “work”, “working”, “class”, “together”, “leisure time” and so on. These headers help or guide audiences to think about their current status when stduying, working or entertaining and realize their needs or how this product can improve it.

Plus, after depicting magic usages in the classroom, workplace or home, the website lists some purchase links of the compatible ipad accessories, guiding audiences to know (and also buy) more related products.

However, there are some negative aspects of this presence. First, the fontsize of “Available in October” (the coming date) is really small with a light-gray color, which is not obvious. Second, the price of the product is listed on another website page by clicking a small “View pricing” button. Normally, when audiences view some products on the internet, they always want to know how much it costs and how they can buy it immediately. If this information is not easy or convienient to find, lots of them will lose patience.


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