ECOM6013 Topic 1 Introduction to E-Commerce Technology

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ECOM6013 E-Commerce Technologies

Topic 1 Introduction to E-Commerce Technology

Discussion Topic #1: Puma Goes Omni

  1. What is the purpose of Puma’s content management systems?
  2. Why did Puma build a single centralized website rather than continue with multiple websites serving different countries and regions? [choosen]
  3. What social media sites does Puma use, and what do they contribute to Puma’s marketing effort?

Case Study

Alibaba Singles’ Day 2019

Core E-Commerce Technologies

  • Introduction to E-Commerce Technology
  • Internet and E-Commerce Infrasture
  • E-Commerce Presence and Development Life Circle
  • Web Design, Implementation and Testing
  • Introduction to Mobile Commerce
  • Internet and E-Commerce Commerce
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Cybercurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Emerging Technology & Cloud Computing and IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and E-Commerce Trends

E-Commerce and Data Science

E-Commerce is largely an exercise in understanding the clients - their capabilities, desires, etc.

Traditional Commerce

  • Passive consumer
  • Sales-force driven
  • Fixed prices
  • Information asymmetry

What Is E-Business?

Digital enablement of transactions and processes within a firm, involving information systems under firm’s control. (Does not include commercial transactions involving an exchange of value across organizational boundaries.)

What Is E-Commerce?

  • Simple: Use of Internet and/or Web to transact business. (Or any networked commerce activity)
  • Formal: Digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals.

Types of E-Commerce

By market relationship

  • C2C / B2C / G2C
  • C2B / B2B / G2B
  • C2G / B2G / G2G

By technology used

  • P2P(Peer-to-Peer)
  • M-Commerce(Mobile Commerce)
  • O2O(Online-to-Offline)

Importance of E-Commerce

  • Different, more powerful than previous technologies
  • Bringing fundamental changes to commerce

Features of current E-Commerce Technologies

  • Ubiquity (everywhere)
  • Global reach
  • Universal standards
  • Information richness
  • Interactivity
  • Information density
  • Personalization/customization
  • Social technology

Current E-Commerce Trends

  • New business models based on social technologies, consumer-generated content, and services (negative impacts of social media)
  • Broadband and wireless, 5G
  • Mobile E-Commerce is booming
  • Traditional media losing subscribers
  • E-Commerce has traditionally been early adopters(and influencers) of new technologies, iPhone changed the smartphone industy
  • Local-based, AR, AI, VR…
  • All forms of E-Commerce show very strong growth and Covid-19 amplifies this

Limitations on the Growth of B2C E-Commerce

  • Expensive technology
  • Sophisticated skill set
  • Experiences of traditional markets
  • Inequality limiting access to telephones and computers
  • Saturation and ceiling effects
  • De-Globalization and trade war

Predictions/Questions/Challenges for the Future

  • Technology will propagate through all commercial activity
  • Price will rise
  • E-Commerce margins and profits will rise
  • Traditional giants will play dominant roles but new startup ventures will emerge new products, services
  • Pure online stores < Integrated offline/online stores
  • Growth of regulatory activity worldwide
  • Influence of cost of energy

Organizing Themes

  • Technology: Development and mastery of digital computing and communications technology
  • Business: New technologies present businesses with new ways of organizing procuction and transacting business
  • Society: Intellectual property, individual privacy, public welfare policy

Academic Displines Concerned with E-Commerce

Technical Approach

  • Computer science
  • Management science
  • Information systems
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Behavioral Approach

  • Information systems
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance/accounting
  • Sociology


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